January 2, 2020

Big Changes for 2020

So this is the first time we've sat and written a blog but it felt like a great time to do it with all the expansion and upgrades we've been having.

The start of the year saw a Mezzanine floor install to accommodate our awesome new CNC machine. This has already doubled our workshop capacity and with the rearrangement of all tools/benches has created a brilliant work floor area for the vans.

We decided to take the plunge with a CNC machine because it felt like the next right step. We use a brilliant company for our units but with the amount of campers that we convert we wanted to try and bring as much as we could in-house. This gives us loads more freedom with designs, layouts and different models of vans.

It's been great having all new electrics installed by Matt Cameron so the lighting is so much better now for our workshop. This was a big project that was a bit nerve wracking at points but we're there! CNC is in place, Lucas is just getting to grips with how it all works and the work is flowing through at an energetic rate!

Let's hope 2020 continues the way it has started ☺️

We've set up our go pro to get some video's of the workshop. Really enjoying the results! We shared a time lapse on our Facebook and Instagram which got some great feedback 👌🏻

We were short staffed during the week of the installs! We had to pull in extras to get the work done!

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