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The campervan conversion industry needs to be more sustainable. We're doing our bit.


We care deeply about our impact on the environment and understand that we all need to work together to reverse any negative impact we have. Join us and our journey.

Our Eco-upgrade – See inside for all of the changes that we have Β made!

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Our Approach

The first step on our eco-journey was to realise the faults that lie within our industry and acknowledge that there's plenty to be done to improve what we do. From here, we can build and lead the way to create a more sustainable campervan conversion business.
After researching and brainstorming ideas, it turns out there were numerous ways we could not only improve the sustainability of the products we use in our conversions but also the practises we employ day-to-day within our workshop.
Sometimes you have to get creative, experiment and try things to find new paths forward. Throughout our eco-range we've trialed and tested ways of doing things to create better quality yet sustainable offerings in our campervan conversions.
The path to becoming sustainable in an industry that's still catching up is one that's going to take time. If we're always looking to incrementally improve then our small changes are going to add up to create big differences in the long-term
Last but not least, we're always challenging ourselves. Part of the Taylored pledge is to continue looking at every part of our business and challenging ourselves to do things differently in the pursuit of sustainability.
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Workshop Practices



We will discuss, design and create new conversion adaptations based on our knowledge and experience of the products that we use. As a team we will communicate to change every practical element to a more sustainable one.

Reducing Materials

By changing the design of our units in particular we are able to drastically reduce the amount of plastic and metal that we use within a conversion.

Replacing Materials

We will always seek to change the materials that we use within a full conversion to more sustainable alternatives. We have already found some brilliant and easy replacements but we will continue to find more!

Tree Planting 🌲

We've joined forces with Trees For Good Causes, a tree-planting company based near Taylored in North Devon that helps companies offset their carbon footprint and supports fantastic charities like the North Devon Hospice. Every time we sell an Eco Unit, we plant a tree through TFGC!

Our pledge

β€œWe will continuously seek new and improved methods to create and build our Campervan Conversions in the most Eco and Sustainable way. This will be an ongoing mission which will be built on over time, through research, experimentation and influence within the sustainable area. We wish to break away from what is typically being made and advance into an Eco driven business. ”