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The Drifter 2.0

Starting From £13,989 Including VAT


New for 2023 – We have taken our most popular Drifter conversion and made it even better!

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New Features


Increased Top Area Storage

By removing the Tambour roller door this has allowed a larger top cupboard. We have also increased the height of this cupboard to give a more fitted look to the unit.

More Versatile Cubby Corner

Our cubby hole was always a popular feature, so we have made them bigger! By doing this we have increased the rear storage which can be access by the back doors.

Improved Lower RIB Kickboard Design

Increased door size and a magnet door hold to ensure a secure close.

Contemporary Hob & Sink Design

We have created a stylish add on package with a raised hob and inset sink unit. This is an extra debuting on our new Drifter 2.0 but is available on most of our other conversions

Internal Changes

As well as making cosmetic practical changes, we are always improving the cutting, building and assembly of our conversion process.

Full Specification


  • This configuration can be installed into VW T5/T6/T6.1, Ford Transit Custom and TVP vans.
  • The prices shown are based on VW T6.
  • Available in a short wheelbase.
  • For long wheelbase add £300 to the total.
  • PLEASE NOTE – due to supplier prices fluctuating on a frequent basis we are not able to guarantee the show price, please use it as a rough guide.


  • Elevating roof – West Dubs M1 tested roof Gel coat in black or white (colour coding available).
  • Pop-top roof bed with 2 x gas struts.
  • Windows – 1 opener offside (opposite sliding door), 1 fixed nearside (sliding door), 1 fixed Rear quarter (SWB or LWB), rear barn or tailgate door.
  • Carpet lining – in a range of colours.
  • Insulation – Foil back 8mm Thermoliner (thermo-acoustic sheeting) and Dacron.
  • Flooring – 1 piece 12mm Birch ply, 3mm foil back underfloor insulation. Covered in Altro industrial strength vinyl.
  • Full side kitchen units with tall rear cupboard, window surround and over window shelf – CNC cut kitchen units to ensure quality and consistency on every build. 
  • Table – Stow away table with rail.
  • Fridge – 50L low power 12v compressor fridge with battery protection.
  • Hob and sink – Dometic 9222 style twin hob and sink
  • Gas – Truma regulator housed inside the metal fireproof locker with drop-out vent. 
  • Water – 12L, In-line submersible pump.
  • Lighting – Full-length wooden pelmet to match units, mounted to the offside of the van with 3 LED flush-fitted touch spotlights. LED strip lights integrated into the over window shelf.
  • Charging system – Leisure battery 105ah AGM, 1 x 12v/USB 2 x 240v sockets, 12v battery reader, Victron battery to the battery charger (euro 6 engines) or 140amp split charge relay, RCD consumer unit, 12v Multi-outlet fuse box, Victron 240v to 12v battery charger.
  • Curtains – Full set of black-out curtains.
  • Seating/bed system - RIB Altair 112cm (3/4 width) A top-of-the-range 2-seater M1 tested bed with headrests and 2 x shoulder belts. Available in a choice of fabric vinyl or leather finishes.
  • Electrical safety certificate
  • Gas safety certificate

Pop top Down

We can and have fitted many different types of pop tops to many types of vans over the years meaning our knowledge is extensive across the ranges. We particularly like the West Dubs product as it offers great quality with many customisable and colour options including canvas, whilst maintaining an affordable price. Please get in touch for all options



The normal width of a 3/4 is 112cm and 2 belted seats and 2 integrated headrests

With many different options for beds, we stick to 3 types to help make your decision easier. The number 1 most popular and industry favourite is RIB Altair offering a fully crash-tested frame combined with an M1-tested galvanised metal plate for the van underside. These offer a very versatile design with many great benefits. We can also offer Smart Beds and Streamline beds which can suit all budgets.


Switches, Lights & Electricals

With a 105ah AGM leisure battery safely secured under the driver seat connected to the main van battery via a Victron Orion Smart DC-DC charger (for Euro 6 engines) and a Victron Blue Smart IP22  BATTERY CHARGER for external hook up (240v to 12v) also charging the leisure battery this combination is hard to beat.

It doesn't end there - we also include a compact 50L 12v compressor fridge, multiple LED lights, USB charging port, battery monitor, 12v sockets and 240v sockets also with the add-on option of a 110watt Solar panel. We ensure that we have got all areas covered so you will not go short of power or charging points. We ensure all our 240v electrical equipment is tested and certificated to ensure we are meeting all current regulations.



Altro flooring is non-slip, hard industrial covering that is a must for any Campervan. With muddy boots/paws and wet wetsuit you want to make sure that the floor is as tough as it can be. 



We have found that the best combination is Thermoliner (made from cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene foam) applied onto all inside panels which provides excellent acoustic insulation as well as thermal insulation too. Then covered over the top of this is Dacron a non-absorbent, non-flammable insulation. We offer other options for this depending on requirements too, so worth discussing with us. 


Hob & Sink

Twin burner hob and fresh cold water sink. With our in-house qualified gas engineer, this means we can ensure the gas system is installed correctly, certificated and safe. 2 main options for the gas system are the underslung LPG tank and the internal gas box system (please see extras). The water system is onboard fresh water 12-litre container which is easily accessible for refilling. 



 Privacy tinted glass is the most popular choice for any van conversions and we work very hard to ensure we have an outstanding supplier relationship to ensure we only fit the highest quality possible.



 Privacy tinted glass is the most popular choice for any van conversions and we work very hard to ensure we have an outstanding supplier relationship to ensure we only fit the highest quality possible. 



With our in-house CNC machine, this means we can design and create a perfect bespoke unit to maximise internal van space. Allowing room for a Portable toilet, cutlery drawer and plenty of storage for the essentials.


Night time layout

Changing your van to night time is very simple with these easy steps. Turn the swivel seats, pop up the roof, fold out the bed and draw the curtains and you are ready for a cosy night in your campervan.

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