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Mon, 27 Jun 2022

7 ultimate campervan conversion additions


There are a million and one things you could add to your campervan conversion these days.

Instead of pulling your hair out over which ones to choose, check out our seven ultimate campervan conversion additions.

We’re not talking kitchen sinks and stoves here.

Rather, this list contains some practical (and some luxury) items to make your camping trip super fun and stress-free.

Take a look and let us know if you think we’ve missed any!‍

Roof rack


Into your surfing?

Packing everything but the kitchen sink?

Give yourself the flexibility to take larger items away with you, or simply create a bit of extra storage space by adding a roof rack system to your camper.

Camper levelling chocks

Ever cosied up in your camper to go to sleep and realised it isn’t level?

Not only will an uneven camper cause a restless nights’ sleep, it can affect the running of your fridge.

Yep, some brands won’t work if they aren’t level, so levelling chocks should be top of your packing list.

Make sure you don’t scrimp on this purchase as you don’t want them breaking under the camper weight whilst on your holiday.

Shoe storage

Protect your beautiful campervan conversion from dirty shoes (dogs are another matter!) with a proper storage system.

Stow them away in a Thule Shoe Organiser which has ventilated holes to stop smells building up, plus easy hanging options.

If you go away with kids in tow you probably end up packing an endless supply of shoes and wellies which can take up a lot of space!

Portable shower

Anyone who’s been to Glasto and not showered for a week will appreciate this one.

If you have a camper without an internal shower supply then buying a portable one could be a great solution!

It gives you peace of mind that even if you go out and get filthy on a long dog walk you can come back and get cleaned up before going in your van.

We found this essential for washing away the children’s sandy feet before they jumped into the camper.

These days you can even get portable showers with hot water that run off a propane canister or solar panels!

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Wall mounted TV

We know we know – this idea isn’t for everyone!

For many of you, the luxury of a camping trip is getting away from the hustle and bustle and switching off to enjoy some peace and quiet.

However, for us, they provide an opportunity for the children to wind down and chill out in a cosy corner to watch a film.

It gives them the chance to recharge and for us to have a moment to sit down and enjoy our surroundings.


Storage nets

Phones, wallets, sunglasses – the list of ‘stuff’ we all have is endless.

There’s nothing worse than losing your belongings amongst all of your camping stuff, so handy storage nets are a great solution.

They help keep you organised and can hang on to pretty much anything you wish, so dot them around your camper wherever you need extra storage.

The nets are relatively cheap and easy to install and can save you lots of time trying to hunt for small items that you’ve put in ‘a safe place’.

Extra spotlights

This one you should consider before the process of converting your van even begins.

For instance, you can get touch spotlights to go above the rear seats/beds which make brilliant reading lights!

Don’t overlook how much lights can transform your van.

You can even get a dimmer switch if you don’t like the idea of bright lights!

Campervan conversion additions round up

Hopefully, that’s given you some food for thought.

It really is worth spending a little time thinking about all those add-ons which can make camping a lot easier.

To round up, here are our top seven additions:

1. Roof rack

2. Camper leveller chocks

3. Shoe storage

4. Portable shower

5. Wall-mounted TV

6. Storage nets

7. Extra spotlights

For help with any of the above, and to find out the full list of services we offer here at Taylored Campervan Conversions or prices, please check out our website.

You can also email us at or call 01271 269 056.

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