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Solar Panels

We can now offer the very impressive MiPV fully flexible panels still linked with our outstanding Victron smart regulator. These panels use advanced technology to the normal Crystalline Silicone Module solar panels giving them a strong advantage for renewable energy. These include things like:

  • Low light performance (still able to perform in the shade, on overcast days,     dusk and dawn)
  • Withstands higher sun temperature which does not reduce performance 
  • Extremely strong panels
  • Lightweight and low profile
  • Fully flexible panel (no risk of bending or cracking damage)

These reasons make it a great choice for a long-lasting panel. Not only will it keep the leisure battery in prime condition as AGM batteries are best kept topped up but it will also give you the extra charging power without the need to be hooked up giving you more freedom in your Campervan.


MIPV fully flexible 115 Watt £620

Including Scanstrut entry mounting point

Category: Charging Upgrades
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