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Propex Underslung Gas/Heating Systems

This is a great way to save gas cooking running costs within your Campervan.

With the ability to refuel using a filling station means your fixed underslung onboard tank will hold up to 12 litres of gas (Transit kit 8 litres).

This will also fuel your Propex HS2000 heater keeping you nice and toasty on the chiller days.

Quick and easy fill ups on many petrol station forecourts.

On board level indicator.

Reduced gas dropout holes required.

Reduced gas runs and connections are inside the vehicle.

External BBQ point

Propex HS200 Gas air heater mounted externally 

Thermostatic heater control to maintain perfect temperature.


VW T5/T6 and Transit Custom

Supply and fit £1,740.93

Other vans available 

Category: Heating Upgrades
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Extra FAQs

LPG Heater or Diesel Heater?

When it comes to choosing a heating system for your campervan, there are a few factors to consider. Here are some key differences between an LPG tank and heater and a diesel heater:

LPG Tank and Heater:

  1. Fuel source: LPG stands for liquified petroleum gas, which is a form of propane. It is a clean-burning fuel that is widely available and relatively inexpensive.
  2. Cost: While the initial cost of installing an LPG tank and heater can be high, the ongoing cost of fuel is relatively low.
  3. Maintenance: LPG tanks and heaters require regular maintenance to ensure safe operation. This includes checking for leaks and keeping the tank and heater clean.
  4. LPG can be used to run commonly used items within your Campervan build like Oven/Grill  and Hob burner.

Diesel Heater:

  1. Fuel source: Diesel heaters use diesel fuel, which is widely available and can be purchased at fuel stations.
  2. Installation: Diesel heaters are easier to install than LPG tanks and heaters because the fuel supply comes from existing fuel tank.
  3. Cost: While the initial cost of a diesel heater is lower than an LPG tank and heater, the ongoing cost of fuel can be higher.
  4. Maintenance: Diesel heaters also require regular visual maintenance, including cleaning and checking for leaks.

Both our LPG and Diesel heaters have a digital thermostat controller and timer functions.

Overall, the choice between an LPG tank and heater and a diesel heater will depend on your individual needs and preferences. 

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