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Elevating Roofs

Our two main Pop Top roof suppliers are West Dubs and Skyline. We offer these as we believe they are market leaders and both offer a great product. We are happy to fit other types of roofs as we have extensive knowledge across lots of roof types. Please call us to discuss further.

A pop top conversion is possible to achieve even after your van has been converted. 

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Extra FAQs

Which Pop Top would Taylored recommend?

When it comes to pop tops we have really tried and tested most manufactures out there! We can't single out one pop top as being the best, there are just too many little finer touches that each one offers. It comes down to matter of opinion quite a lot of the time. We have 2 main types that we recommend Skyline and West Dubs. We will go through each type of roof with you to ensure you are making the best choice for your campervan.the question here...

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