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Clayton Power LPSII

The Clayton Power LPSII 2500 is a game-changing power supply system designed to cater to the energy needs of campervans in the United Kingdom. This versatile system packs a punch with a host of remarkable features:

1. LiFePO4 Battery Technology: At its core, the LPSII features high-quality lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology. This type of battery is perfectly suited for the demanding needs of campervans, offering exceptional cycle life, resilience in extreme temperatures, and safety advantages over traditional lead-acid batteries.

2. Compact and Lightweight: The LPSII is thoughtfully designed to be compact and lightweight. Its space-saving design ensures it can fit seamlessly into your campervan, and its portability means you can take it off-grid for extended adventures.

3. Integrated Inverter: One of its standout features is the integrated inverter. This means you can power your normal appliances, induction hob, and even a coffee machine, making your campervan feel like a home away from home!

4. Charging Options: With the ability to charge from the alternator and 240v mains hookup, you won't be left without a way to recharge. For those who want to minimize downtime, there's even an optional rapid charger available to significantly reduce charging time.

5. Solar Input: The LPSII allows for a solar power input of up to 400 Watts, meaning off-grid living is easily achievable. You can harness the power of the sun to keep your adventure going!

6. Jump Start Function: One of the many handy features of these units is the ability to jump-start your main battery through the Clayton LPSII. Say goodbye to those moments when you left your interior light on for a bit too long!

Different Specifications of Clayton Models

The Clayton Power LPSII series offers a range of lithium power supply systems with varying capacities to cater to different power needs. Here are the main specifications of the units on offer:

Clayton Power LPSII 2000:

  • Capacity: 2000-watt continuous output capacity (peaks at 3000W)
  • Battery: Lithium battery with a capacity of 1320Wh (100Ah)

Clayton Power LPSII 2500:

  • Capacity: 2500-watt continuous output capacity (peaks at 4000W)
  • Battery: Lithium battery with a capacity of 1320Wh (100Ah)

Clayton Power LPSII 3000:

  • Capacity: 3000-watt continuous output capacity (peaks at 5000W)
  • Battery: Larger lithium battery with a capacity of 2160Wh (160Ah)

Supplied only:

LPSII 2000: £2540 inc VAT

LPSII 2500: £2919 inc VAT

LPSII 3000: £3675 inc VAT  

All packages include mounting brackets and controller.

Fitted cost will be calculated depending on van style and unit location.

Category: Charging Upgrades
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