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Indel B Plein-Aircon 12 V Air Conditioning Unit

The combination of the Indel B 12 V Air Conditioner alongside a Solar Panel, gives you the chance to convert smouldering energy from the sun, into power for cooling your living space! After all, you’ll be most in need of an AC while the summer Sun is highest in the sky. It’s recommended that since the AC is so powerful, it’s not used with a leisure battery smaller than 150AH.

You can also use the 12 V AC with a 230 V Smart Switch, which provides the unit with connection to a mains power source. This is a great feature to have access to, should you run out of power for any reason. Simply rock up to a campsite which has a mains hook-up and voila!

It’s recommended, to experience the best performance from your unit, you cool your bedroom for an hour on full blast before sleeping. Once you’re ready to count sheep, return to your sleeping space and turn the AC down to a lower setting to maintain the comfortable sleeping temperature. You may not need to use the AC for a full hour prior to sleeping, depending on how warm your camping environment may be.

The built-in dehumidifier helps to rid moisture from the air. This may include dense water vapour generated from the kitchen or bathroom, if some happens to enter the main living space. Please be mindful of the unit’s location during fitting as installation in direct contact with steam is discouraged. Avoid fitting the unit within the kitchen or bathroom. If your setup has the luxury of a small WC, please provide the closed area with its own ventilation.


£2,400 Inc Vat.

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