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Which solar panel should I add to my campervan conversion?

Solar panels added to any conversion can increase battery charge and in an environmentally friendly way.

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Why add a solar panel to your campervan?

Solar panels added to any campervan conversion can increase battery charge effortlessly and in an environmentally friendly way! They add an additional charge to help increase the leisure battery life and keep all installed units charged and ready to go.

What are the pros of adding a solar panel?

They are a quiet and clean source of charge, plus it means you’re not tied down to an electric hook-up at a campsite - more wild camping! (Obviously where allowed!)

The flexibility of being able to go off-grid will give you much more freedom in your choice of holidays and stays!

Can weather impact solar panel performance?

Although here in England the weather can be a bit hit or miss, solar panels will still charge in cloudy weather but at a slower rate. Obviously, the best charge will come from direct sunlight but it’s good to know that, when installed on a roof in the correct position, they can still draw a charge on the less appealing days.

Want more reasons why they’re so good?

Another massive pro to having one installed is how compact and low profile they are with the roof - you wouldn’t know there was one there! They can be installed on all roof types including pop-tops.

They are continuously generating power during the day which means the charge is one less thing to worry about.

As you can see this 130W Semi-flexible Solar Panel is so low profile you can even have a Roof Rack installed with it.

What solar panels do we use here at Taylored Campervans?

They come in many sizes but the main ones we recommend and use here is a 120W or 130W semi-flexible solar panel as it has the capacity to maintain enough charge to keep the fridge running permanently.

How does a solar panel work?

Power drawn from a solar panel will run through to a regulator before the battery; this is to monitor and optimise the charge being drawn from sunlight. We install and recommend the Victron Energy Smart Solar MPPT regulator as these really are a leading brand in this market with state-of-the-art technology to maximise solar panel performance.

These regulators link up to VictronConnect app on any smartphone, So you can keep on top of the latest software brought out by Victron Energy also adjust functions and get an idea of what your solar panel is really doing.

Not sure about your requirements and which solar panel to chose?

No problem, give us a call on 07710 544934 and we can talk you through all the technical things and help you get the best solar panel for your campervan.

Interested in adding a solar panel to your campervan conversion?

We install them to any campervan as an add-on to a customer's package but we can also install them onto already converted campers with a little extra time to run wires to batteries behind existing units or conversions.

Prices for solar panels start from £395 incl VAT here at Taylored Campervan Conversions Ltd.

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