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What you need to know about Planar Diesel Heaters

All of the information you need to know on Planar Diesel Heaters.

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Diesel Heaters in Campervans

Here at Taylored Campervan Conversions, we’re an authorised Autoterm Planar Diesel Heater dealer. Usually, a day to install, they provide instant relief from the cold depths of winter and create a huge opportunity to enjoy holidays in those colder months.

What are Planar Diesel Heaters?

They are made in Russia and offered by the company Autoterm. They are air heaters powered by the onboard diesel tank.

How do they work?‍

The heater will draw air directly into the heater unit's combustion chamber which will compress the air. It will then take the diesel directly from the onboard tank and use this fuel to ignite the compressed air. This will generate heat that is then transformed into the camper through the outlet pipe. The gas created from this ignition vented outside through an exhaust pipe.

What are the benefits?‍

Other than the obvious answer of heat on the coldest of days, the Planar heater requires very low fuel and power consumption which makes it a very cost-effective solution.

Its small internal box makes it a compact solution for heating your Campervan.

With the Autoterm PU-27 Thermostatic digital programmable controller you can keep a desired constant temperature in your camper. Unlike other heaters, they also have a very quiet running noise.

As you can see from a shot of our recent conversion it's small and compact. The heater outlet is pictured bottom left next to the fridge and the control panel is sitting nicely alongside the other sockets and switches on the window surround.

‍Why do we use Planar?

‍They are amazing value for money and with a 2-year warranty, along with the reassurance that they’ve been built to withstand extreme temperatures and been used for the Ministry of Defence and the NHS in Scotland you know you’ll be getting a great product. A major competitor in this market is the Eberspacher heater but in comparison, it is over £700 more. It’s a really affordable solution! It also has the safety feature of automatically shutting down if temperatures ever pass that of the design specification.

‍I already have a conversion, is it too late?‍

We are able to install these heaters after conversions are carried out, just let us know the details of what you already have in your van!‍

Install times and prices:‍

Interested in getting one professionally installed? Our starting price for a Planar Heater is £800 including VAT. They can in most cases be installed in 1 day.

Check out our website for more details on us here at Taylored Campervan Conversions:

Autoterm PU-27 Controller (left) and the T5/T6 VW Autoterm Diesel Heater Kit 2kW Planar (right).

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