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Tue, 14 Jun 2022

What is a underslung LPG tank and why does my campervan need one?


We often fit an underslung LPG tank (with BBQ point) and HS2000 Space Heater to our conversions.

With a Fixed 14-litre LPG tank mounted under the van alongside an HS2000 space heater, this really is a practical solution to maintain space inside the campervan.

What are the benefits of an underslung LPG tank for my campervan conversions?

‍There are also some great benefits to this system...

  • Significantly reduced cost of the gas
  • Save valuable internal space – you can now pack more kit for your trip
  • Quick and easy fill-ups on many petrol station forecourts
  • On board level indicator – no need to carry a spare bottle
  • No more freezing Butane – LPG goes to 42*C. Enjoy those winter trips out!
  • Reduced gas dropout holes are required, so fewer holes in your van
  •  Safer – reduced gas runs and connections are inside the vehicle
  • Thermostatic heater control to maintain the perfect temperature
  • Installed inline with UKLPG CoP11 and NCC CoP306 

  All-in price is £1,230 plus VAT fitted.

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