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Top 5 recommended extras for your campervan conversion

There are many extras you can add to your campervan & choosing all your additions can be a big task. So, we've written this guide to share our recommendations!

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There are so many extras you can add to your campervan and choosing all your additions can be a daunting task. So, we've written this guide that shares our top 5 recommendations for what extras to add to your campervan conversion.

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Elevating Roof

We think this is a must-have for a new conversion. Adding an elevating roof to your campervan not only creates an iconic look but, adds a generous amount of space to the conversion interior too for both the day and the night.

With the elevating roof up, you'll benefit from more headroom for cooking and moving around the camper as well as adding extra room at night turning what was originally a 2-birth conversion into a 4-birth making it perfect for those family trips.

There are plenty of elevating roofs on the market, but, Taylored Campervans fits and recommends both roofs by WestDubs and Skyline – check out more on our extras page dedicated to elevating roofs here. We also supply a mattress for your elevating roof that provides that extra comfort at night. View it here.

Lithium Battery

Lithium batteries are quickly becoming the norm for our campervan conversions here at Taylored. The reason being is that they can offer a much longer life span because of a higher and deeper discharge rate (DoD). They work brilliantly alongside our added solar panels that we'll talk about below but if you're after that real, off-the-grid experience, a Lithium battery addition is a must-have!

Check out our Lithium battery extras page here for more info.

Solar Panels

Adding a solar panel is an awesome addition to your campervan giving you more freedom to explore without the need to plan around hook-ups. Couple it with a Lithium battery as above and you'll truly be able to have that off-grid experience and go wherever you choose!

Taylored Campervans are now offering the impressive MiPV fully flexible panels still linked with our outstanding Victron Bluesmart regulator. These panels use advanced CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) not the normal Crystalline Silicone giving them a strong advantage. These include things like:

  • Low light performance (still able to perform in the shade, on overcast days, dusk and dawn)
  • The panel is made up of individual cells (not a bank of cells) meaning each cell will still perform if some of the panel are shaded or covered
  • Withstands higher sun temperature which does not reduce performance
  • Extremely strong panels and completely shatterproof (no glass or silicone that can easily break like other panels)
  • Lightweight and low profile with a self adhesive backing to ensure best performance
  • Self cleaning EFTE coating so non stock surface, requires no maintenance

Interested? We have a page for solar panels that you can find here.

Heating System

In the UK, traditionally camping season starts in April and tends to get slower by September/October time. However, this doesn't have to be the case! At Taylored we supply and install both diesel and gas heating systems so you can keep that camping season going on for longer!

If you're planning on enjoying the great outdoors in the off-season, an onboard heating system is a must-have!

There are pros and cons to both diesel and gas heating systems but you can check our pages about each below. Oh and if you have any questions feel free to get in touch!

Diesel Heating System

Gas Heating System

Wind-Out Awning

A wind-out awning is an awesome addition to any campervan and hence its earned a place on this recommendations list!

Our favourite is the Thule 4200 because of its sleek design and quality. This extra fits beautifully to the side of your van and integrates perfectly with the conversion to offer an easy-to-use extension awning perfect for extending that living space out and around your campervan.

Whichever brand you go for, wind-out awnings are a fantastic and convenient addition to make both short and long-haul journeys more enjoyable.

Check out our extras page on wind-out awnings here.


We hope you enjoyed reading through our top 5 recommended extras for your campervan. If you have any questions about any of the extras please don't hesitate to get in touch, the team here at Taylored Campervan Conversions is here to help!

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