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The best campervan accessories to buy right now

It’s been a while since we’ve been camping, so we thought we’d jog our memories with some of the best campervan accessories you need for your 2021 holiday.

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With lockdown coming to an end later this year, it’s time to start prepping for your summer getaway.

It’s been a while since we’ve been camping, so we thought we’d jog our memories with some of the best campervan accessories you need for your 2021 holiday.

From practical accessories like head torches and picnic blankets to non-essential, but super fun, campervan accessories such as movie projectors and quirky frying pans, this list will have you covered for all kinds of adventures.

Campervan accessories for al fresco dining and entertainment

Cooking outside in the evening summer sun is one of the many joys of campervan life, so it’s worth investing in a portable barbecue such as this Cadac Safari Gas BBQ. Weighing in at less than 4kg it’s the perfect choice for taking on trips without weighing your van down.

It goes without saying that you’ll need some kind of foldaway table for balancing all your plates, snack bowls and glasses of wine. They vary hugely in price, but this HI-GEAR Elite double camping table should fit the bill for pretty much everyone’s needs.

Seating is another essential, but you’ll want something which doesn’t take up too much space, unlike a conventional deck chair. These blow-up banana lounge chairs come in lots of colours, use only air to inflate (so no pumps!) and fold right down so you can stow them away easily.

After waking up first thing in the morning in your campervan, thoughts most likely turn to breakfast. If you fancy a fry up there’s no better kitchen tool than this Lazy Man Frying Pan, which has five compartments for cooking each element of your breakfast. It makes washing up a doddle too!

There’s nothing worse than plonking yourself down with a burger in hand only to find the grass is wet, so make sure you’ve packed a picnic blanket. You’ll find a huge range on the market with all sorts of price tags, but we quite like this middle-of-the-road blue and white John Lewis picnic blanket.

No outdoor camping set-up is complete without a few tunes to set the tone, so it’s worth investing in a wireless Bluetooth speaker so you’ve got music wherever you go. This JBL Flip Portable Speaker has 10 hours of battery life and is waterproof.

This one’s a bit of a luxury, but if you fancy snuggling up under the stars to watch a movie with your family, why not get a portable movie projector?! You might be thinking it’s an unnecessary expense, but this YG300 Projector is just £36.99 and is the perfect size for taking away. Just bear in mind you will need a blank space or screen to project onto, but we’re sure you can get imaginative with a duvet cover or towels if you don’t want to fork out for a proper screen!

Campervan accessories for dog owners

Part of the joy of camping for dog owners is being able to take your furry friend away with you. However, the last thing you want is them running amok when you’re trying to relax, so a screw-in ground hook is a great way of keeping your dog nearby.

Another essential, while you’re on the road with your pup, is a non-spill dog bowl. Not only will it keep their water from spilling while you’re driving, but it also means you avoid accidents while you’re sitting eating your dinner or relaxing in your campervan.

Super handy-to-have campervan accessories

There’s nothing worse than losing your keys when you need them most, so a really handy accessory is these heavy-duty magnetic hooks. Perfect for hanging up your essential items so they don’t get mislaid.

A thermal screen for your campervan is a pretty essential item, both for insulating against the cold in winter and keeping your van cool when it gets hot. Needless to say, these come in a huge variety of sizes so make sure you find the right one for your specific van.

If you like to be organised when you go away camping, packing cubes are a great way of storing your clothes and other items like towels so they don’t end up all over the place.

Ever tried to find your way to the loo across a pitch-black campsite? Tricky stuff. Invest in a head torch you can grab when nature calls in the middle of the night.

If you’ve often got wet towels or clothes in your campervan it’s worth picking up some reusable dehumidifier bags. They not only absorb excess moisture from inside your van but also get rid of bad smells. They’re rechargeable via a microwave

Carbon monoxide detectors are less of an accessory and more of an essential item to take away in your campervan. You can pick them up fairly cheap and they could end up being a lifesaver.

Anyone with kids knows how many dirty, sandy clothes you end up with after a day at the beach! Having a dirty clothes bucket is so handy to avoid carrying all that muck into your campervan. This 5L collapsible bucket means you don’t have to compromise on space either.

Campervan accessories round up

We don’t know about you, but this has got us pretty excited for summer camping trips as soon as we’re able to.

Whether you’re preparing for your first campervan trip or consider yourself a seasoned expert, we hope you’ve found some useful tips and tricks to make your holiday a little easier.

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