January 11, 2022

The benefits of choosing a van & getting your own campervan conversion

With the campervan industry being so busy at the moment we thought it was the best time to get our writing hats back on and create a blog highlighting the benefits of picking your van and making it your own campervan.

It is a given that buying one ready made is easy and simple because it’s ready to drive off and enjoy straight away! But we believe there is a lot to be said to creating what you want. If you can look past the negative of the wait time for a build slot with a good conversion company then we believe it'll be really worth the wait.

We will take you through the 7 benefits of purchasing your van and choosing your conversion in the hope that we can provide you with some good advice when looking into buying a campervan.

Benefit 1: Personal specification

You can make sure that the van you are buying is exactly what you want and need. We know that things like air con, reverse sensors or a tailgate can be deal breakers for some people. To make sure that you’re not compromising on the vehicle itself you can be the decider on what specification list you want in the van you’re purchasing. We know it can be tough shopping around looking for the right base van, but with our forecourt and our other contacts we’re confident we can help you find the van that’s right for you.

We only source vans that are up to 3 years old. This is because we like the benefit of them still being under the VW 3 year warranty and we have found them to be extremely reliable which gives our customers peace of mind too.

January 2022 stock here at Taylored Campervan Conversions, North Devon.

Benefit 2: Unique choice

A couple using their campervan for travelling may want something different to a family of 4 who use theirs on weekends. Deciding what is important in your campervan is the first step to figuring out the layout that will work best for you. We offer 5 different sizes of beds, each with their own layout that lends itself best to that size. Some people choose the comfort of a larger bed over the size of the units. It’s all down to personal preference and how you can best utilise every component in the camper. The initial process of figuring out bed size, the layout, the type of elevating roof you want are the most important parts to work out to how to make the most out of the space a van provides.

We have a standard package of 6 conversion layouts that we offer. They have all been designed from our previous camping experiences alongside customers bespoke builds optimising the best layout for the space and requirements provided.

Benefit 3: Conversion colours

We know that everyone has different tastes. Imagine buying a campervan because the layout is perfect but you aren’t overjoyed with the colour choice? This is where the perks of a bespoke build really come in. We go through every choice with you to make sure you have full say on each component of the build. There is a huge amount of choice when it comes to pop-top canvas colours, kitchen units, floorings and so much more! Being able to build up your own design and pick exactly what you want makes your campervan completely unique to you. It also means that you won’t be looking at something and thinking ‘I’m not sure why we have that’. It gives you full control. 

Taylored Ranger Conversion
Taylored Drifter Conversion with custom upholstery
These Conversions are great examples of how each set of customers have different needs, requirements and style.

Benefit 4: Campervan extras

You can add what you want, where you want it. An example of this is that it’s also the best time to get things like wiring sorted for extra sockets. We have many customers coming in wanting extra things added on which just aren’t something that’s possible without ripping out half of what already exists. Where it is possible it could end up costing a lot more in labour!

Take a look at our Extras page for some ideas of the additional products that you can add on to your campervan during the build process.

Benefit 5: Peace of mind

When buying a second hand campervan, or a ready made one, you want to know that everything has been built and made to the best standard. For example, using gas on a stove can be very dangerous if the installation process hasn’t been carried out by a gas safety professional. If a campervan has passed hands a couple of times then the information may end up going missing, or not thought of! Here at Taylored Campervans we have 3 Qualified ACOP Gas Engineers who install the gas systems. They then test each one once the build process is complete. We also have our electrical systems tested by a qualified engineer to provide each customer with an Electrical Certificate for their camper. Using a reputable company who you know will not cut corners gives you peace of mind when you’re away in your camper. You want to make sure that everything that has been done in your van has been done properly.

Benefit 6: Point of contact

This benefit is for both the van and the conversion. If you were unsure of something on your campervan then you have the benefit of being able to talk to the company you purchased it from means that there is always a reference point. If you had a campervan that you purchased privately then it can sometimes prove to be difficult to discuss anything with the previous owner.

Benefit 7: Diagnosis

If a fault occurs in a previously owned campervan then it can be extremely difficult to diagnose a problem that may occur. If there is no person or company to speak to about the fit out then you will be going in blind to find a fault or not be able to locate it at all. Fault finding on a conversion that the company has carried out is a much simpler process and once again means that you have a come back if any issues were to arise whilst using the campervan.

So there they are! The benefits to buying a van and getting it converted your way! We hope that you have found this article helpful in your quest to start your own campervan journey!

For our full conversion specifications and layouts then check out the Conversions page on our website. Our Swatches page can give you a great insight into some of the colour choices that you can pick in your campervan. And if you’re in the market for a panel van then our Vans page is where you go to look at our current van stock for sale.

With one of the most experienced teams in the South West we pride ourselves in the quality campervans that we produce. We are always here to talk through the full process of our builds as well as all of the options of conversions.

For all of our details please see the contact page on the website :)

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