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Mon, 27 Jun 2022

Our guide to campervan kitchen pods


Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective way to convert your van, or you simply want a quick, no-fuss conversion solution, campervan kitchen pods have you covered.

A full blown campervan conversion may the best option if you go away a lot but, if you want a vehicle that functions as a day-to-day work van but can switch to a camper now and again, pods are a great solution.

What’s the deal with campervan kitchen pods?

Well, they do pretty much what they say on the tin.

Rather than going for a bespoke conversion which will be fitted and measured exactly to your van’s measurements, these pods can fit into pretty much any vehicle.

They can be installed as a permanent feature in your van or be moved in and out as necessary.

A cost effective solution for converting your van

A big reason why many people opt for campervan pods is they are much cheaper than a full conversion, for obvious reasons.

Our pods are pre-made in three sizes, so simply pick the best one for your needs and you’re good to go.

Prices for Taylored Campervans pods start at as little as £150. You can view them here.

Versatile and flexible

Campervan kitchen pods are brilliant for creating more space in your van. If you were in need of a bespoke pod specific to your van requirements we are able to create that for you too! Just let us know what you need.

Super easy to install

Not only do pods offer pretty much everything you need for a trip away, they also need minimal installation.

We can install your pod for you from just £50, or you can move it in and out as you wish to make your van as versatile as possible.

Having them freestanding gives you lots of options when it comes to the layout inside your van, and also allows you to play around with layouts in case you ever want a full conversion, meaning you’ll know exactly what you want when the time comes.

Taylored Campervans kitchen pods

At Taylored Campervans, we have created three styles of pod units which we think will help cater for all camping needs, but these are just the start of what we could do.

The starting price of these pods is for the units only. We are able to add additional items such as gas, water and electrical systems for an extra cost.

Check out the popular extras at the bottom of our pod unit page on our website for more ideas and choices!

The Wave Pod

Available in a large variety of colours - perfect for personalising your van!

3 different uses of space:

· Top - fold-down drawer

· Middle - pull out drawer

· Bottom - opens from the right to reveal a large cupboard.


These create a versatile and practical day pod with excellent storage.

Height - 765mm    

Width - 580mm    

Depth - 430mm

Prices start from £150 for the plain birch ply untreated Wave Pod

The Offshore Pod

This super-compact storage unit has space for an integrated WAECO CRX-50 Fridge (this is an additional purchase of £450).

Also available in a large variety of colours to match your van.


The top drawer is a large utensil storage area with a removable chopping board. This then easily stows away when not in use.

The pod is finished off with an internal cupboard positioned towards the rear, with an ideal spot for water bottle storage along with a small shelf above.

Height - 800mm    

Width - 445mm    

Depth - 810mm

Prices start from £150 for the plain birch ply untreated Offshore Pod.

The Carve Pod

This is our biggest pod and has the ability to come with or without a Smev RH 9222 Hob and Sink with lid (an additional £285).

Three different uses of space:

· Top Left - pull out drawer to reveal inbuilt utensil holder and stow away chopping board

· Bottom Right - opens from the right to reveal a large cupboard and shelf

Bottom Left is the space left for a Sanjo-50 Fridge too for an additional cost of £500.

* The Aquamarine Blue unit with laminate worktop pictured is an additional £500 *
* The Aquamarine Blue unit with laminate worktop pictured is an additional £500 *

Sizes:Height - 790mm    

Width - 1050mm    

Depth - 545mm

Prices start from £150 in plain birch ply untreated without the Hob and Sink. All additional add on prices are listed on the Shop page.

Pictured is a Plain Birch Carve Pod with the addition of the Smev RH 9222 sink
Pictured is a Plain Birch Carve Pod with the addition of the Smev RH 9222 sink

Bespoke campervan kitchen pod units

We are able to create bespoke pod designs specifically for an individual van here too. Here is a pod we recently made for a Peugeot Boxer.


Let us know if you require something unique for your van and we can create it for you. You can also shop our available pods made to order here at our new shop.

For more information head to our website, and to chat to us about pods please email or call 07710 544934.

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