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Fri, 28 Oct 2022

Joining Trees for Good Causes


As a campervan conversion company who are passionate about the outdoors and nature, we are striving to find ways to give back to the natural world and what really matters most. The first step, look at how we do conversions and this ultimately gave birth to our new Eco Conversions. These have been designed and created to minimise waste and increase sustainability, by dissecting each element of a campervan and improving its components. This will continue to be an ongoing project, one we are really excited about, with us trying our best to change the way we look at campervan conversions and what we put inside of them.

We also wanted to improve our processes and business practices too. When looking at how we can be more eco-conscious we really wanted to plant trees for each Eco Conversion we sold. We knew we wanted to create a process where we would do something for the planet alongside creating a more sustainable workshop.

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At this point, we stumbled across Trees For Good Causes on Instagram! After a good look through their posts and website, we chatted with Founder and Director Joanna Benbow. Joanna told us how their organisation works and who is involved, and what we loved the most was their commitment to planting trees locally and helping charities while doing it. Currently, the Children’s Hospice South West and North Devon Hospice will be the receivers of the profit from Trees For Good Causes. This part of their business really proves that they are doing it for the good of the planet and of others, which is incredible. If it means that we can offset some of our carbon footprint along the way then it is a double bonus. Their enthusiasm to stay green within their own lives too really resonated with us and how we try and live ours.

After discussing our pledge, we agreed to work with the TFGC, planting a tree for every Eco Conversion we complete. Since starting, we have completed 4 Eco Units which have transferred into 4 trees to be planted with Trees For Good Causes. It feels great to know that what we are doing now will make a long-lasting difference within the wider world, and we will be able to leave a legacy that our children will be proud of. 

Follow along for more updates or, if you're interested in what we're doing as a company to be sustainable – get in touch!

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